The Invasion!!!

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, when I came home from work today there were dozens of little flies sitting on my window and on the door of the balcony. Same of them had already managed to move into my room and so they lay on my windowsill. When I tried to catch them (to move them to the outside) I saw, that they all were dead. I closed the windows and removed the corpses of them and then I asked myself why this stupid flies had to move into my room to die there. Later on I found out, that there were flies on the whole site of the house. This flies also moved in through the window of the bathroom and the corridor…. Now there are some left, who sit on my balcony. I guess, that they wait till tomorrow and then the last ones of them are laying on my windowsill… dead…

Okay, now a better theme. Today my wonderful, great, new stereo system was delivered (thank you amazon for delivering in one day :3). My old one [my it rest in peace] was now ten years old and stopped playing CD’s and radio. Being fair I have to say, that it started the CD after you moved the switch right and left for ten minutes and then the music was played. But mostly it stopped after a while and that was just annoying.
After closing my windows, so the flies couldn’t fly into the room, it was about fifty°C [okay it felt like it…], I had to learn and I was melting. In this moment my flatmate T-chan came over to ask me to go with her to a park, to learn there, so she couldn’t distract herself from learning anymore. With the bike the park was maybe ten~fifteen minutes away [besides this is one of the parks in the city in which I wasn’t up to this point] and it was a very great idea. It was cool there [WIND!!!!!] and we managed to do quiet a lot. Hopefully the exam on Saturday will be all okay…

Day 14: (Still no H&M!) skirt by my mother, T-shirt Tally Weijl, earrings unknown

Day 14: (Still no H&M!) skirt by my mother, T-shirt Tally Weijl, earrings unknown

2 Gedanken zu “The Invasion!!!

  1. O_O omg bin ich froh, n Insektennetz endlich an meinem Fenster zu haben. Schon komisch, dass die ALLE tot sind O_O‘

    Die Ohrringe sind total lustig XD

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