A movie in pictures

Cut! New scene. If you look around you will probably see, that the layout has changed. After nearly TWO years I finally decided to use this design named Bueno by WooThemes. The cool thing about is it, that you can choose a color style aaaaaand you can use your personal header. Everything inside of this header has a special meaning for me but in the end it would need quite a lot of time to explain everything… In compare to the graphic things I make for Scarletsreich it’s totally different [okay… that’s my point of view]. I like the header very much. Hm… the rabbit-capped-girl-picture is maybe a little bit to strange…

Besides writing about the new design I also wanted to post pictures from a movie. It is inspired by a older Blog-post at Rosa-Fiona Bettina. The pictures are all from The Boat that Rocked (German title: Radio Rock revolution) a brilliant movie about radio-piracy in the 60s in Britain. It’s a British comedy by Richard Curtis [Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones’s Diary]. The soundtrack is as well awesome (just 60s Rock’n’Roll and Pop music ^^). If you haven’t seen the movie up to now you should really catch up on it.

The Boat that Rocked/ Radio Rock Revolution Part 1

The Boat that Rocked/ Radio Rock Revolution Part 1

The Boat that Rocked/ Radio Rock Revolution Part 2

The Boat that Rocked/ Radio Rock Revolution Part 2

All the copy-rights of this pictures belong to Universal.

By the way, dear readers, you don’t have to worry. I will not write every Blog-post in creepy English. I’m to lazy to do so and I don’t want to scare you away :3

Ein Gedanke zu “A movie in pictures

  1. *verwirrt ist*
    *mein kommentar anschau den ich geschrieben hatte*
    O____O“ der wichtige Part ist gar nicht da! Ich hatte eig. geschrieben, dass ich schon ne Version gemacht hatte, und dass das die 2. Version war, die ich dir gezeigt habe. Ich bin ja auch schon am coden. Das ist also wirklich die Enrgülzige :)))

    Ich lese deinen Blogbericht. Ich lese und lese und lese… Mittendrin: omg! Das ist ja auf englisch! O.o‘ XDD Ich hab alles verstanden. Your english isn’t crappy. It’s esay to understand. By the way, I finished the Scrubs-Sessions and now I watch Friends again.


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