„Wild thing, I think I love you / But I wanna know for sure“

This song [Wild Thing by The Troggs] is just tooooooo cool. I love it. It makes you want to shake your hair all the time. The singer has this great vibration inside of his voice. Very sexy :3

By tomorrow I will be at my families house for a few days. By that time I won’t post any new articles [sorry for that…] so you get to see the stuff I wore on Monday. Buuuuut to bridge this time you can read this extract [soon you will get to know where it is from ^^]. Have fun and read you soon.

He stretched out his arm and got her hand in the last minute. She turned around.
“I don’t understand you. I thought you loved her.”, cried she.
“I did. Really I did.”
“Why? I cannot understand it. Why did this happen?”
“Because…”, he stopped.
“Yes?”, she started staring at him.
“Do you know this feeling, when you really want to have something special? This feeling that you got as a child when you saw a new toy or something like that and you cried and cried and asked your parents to buy it?”, he opened his hand and moved back to the coach.
“Yes.”, said she and gave him a confused gaze.
“When I first met her it was like that. I really wanted to have her. Of course I knew the whole time that I would never own her, but I wanted her that badly. And then, someday, I looked at her and I couldn’t figure out how I could have fallen in love with her. She was nice and all that stuff, but it wasn’t the same anymore. That was around the time, when I first met you.”
She ignored that last sentence and kept on talking: “But why didn’t you tell her the truth? Why couldn’t you just leave her then?”
“I got used to it. It was just normal for me having her around. When you stopped loving a toy as a child you would never throw it away, because you have all that nice memories playing with it. With her it was nearly the same. I couldn’t just stop her being around me and I knew that she would leave me in the moment, in which I would have told her the truth. Besides she wouldn’t understand what had happened.”
For a moment there was silence. Then he kept on talking: “I don’t understand this stupid boy. He could have you. You would die to be with him and he just ignores you. You can’t figure out how often I had wished to be him. I would have done everything just to see you looking at me with that special gaze. With that gaze, that is full of passion and sadness. This look saying, ‘look at me I’m right in front of you’. Yeah, you can’t figure out how often I wish you to see me. Too look at me in a crowd. Too stand there and look at me, like I’m the only person in the world.”
With sweat sadness in her eyes she looked into his and saw him staring back like she would be the only being on earth.

Day 8: Ballarina Pumps, T-shirt and Earrings by H&M, Shorts by Avanti, Vintage Bracelet

Day 8: Ballarina Pumps, T-shirt and Earrings by H&M, Shorts by Avanti, Vintage Bracelet

The Braclete is made from to childrenbraclet, that my mother used to have when she was around six~ten. Now they are linked to one.